Register as a Telemedicine Provider

Hello Wisconsin clinicians and evaluators,

This has been a difficult time for agencies, community providers, and the people we serve.  In response to reasonable social distancing practices due to COVID-19, I know many of you have had to cope by developing problem-solving strategies.  In this way, I’m hoping the Wisconsin Chapter of ATSA (WiATSA) can be of some help to you and potential consumers.

WiATSA is in the process of putting together a list of licensed therapists with sex offense-specific treatment expertise who can offer telemedicine as well as evaluators who can offer psychosexual risk evaluations remotely while our state is practicing social distancing.  Since I expect this list will be useful in the future to help serve rural communities and as a general referral source, we are also seeking providers who may be only interested in in-person office visits to respond as well.  If you would like to be listed as an available provider or evaluator on the WiATSA website, please complete the form found on this page:

In the coming days, we will post this information for public viewing here: Please pass along this email and links to anyone that might find it useful.

Thank you in advance and be well,

Sharon Kelley, Psy.D.

WiATSA President

Madison, WI

Jake Schuldies