Preventing child sexual abuse – Healthcare perspectives

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WiATSA would like to share the following invitation to participate in an important research opportunity

Understanding the needs of potential perpetrators of child sexual abuse

Extensive work with convicted sexual offenders tells us that there are individuals with troubling sexual interests in children who require and seek treatment before committing any offence. At present, little is known about the experiences of health professionals with patients with these sexual interests, or their experiences of the healthcare system. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University are therefore conducting research into the extent to which individuals with a sexual interest in children (but may not have offended) present themselves to healthcare professionals, and how these needs would be managed. This is being conducted in the form of an online survey which seeks information regarding the experiences and perspectives of any individuals who work in a healthcare profession (anonymously) and does not request any identifiable staff or patient data.

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Jake Schuldies